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Trouble Shooting

This operation instruction is a general-purpose version. Some of the version for the display software will be different from the specification, which should depend on the actual use version.

Attached list:Error code definition

Error code


Common Solutions


Throttle Abnormality

Check Throttle Quick Plug


Motor Abnormality

Check Motor Quick Plug


Motor Hall Signal Abnormality

Check Motor Quick Plug


Brake Abnormality

Check Brake Quick Plug


Communication Abnormality

Check Display, controler and sensor cable

1. For the error code 22, you may check like the following:
check the cable connected to the handlebar.

2,  For error code 24, please check the following video

3.For Error code 25, first check the cable, then switch the two cables to check if anything wrong.

4.Sometimes install the rear rack is alittle hussle. Here is a video to tell you how to adjust the rack.

5.How to replace crank.

6. How to tighten the seat post.

7. How to fold the pedal up.

8. How to replace the integrated cable.

9. How to replace wallke rear brake.

More will come ...