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Brand Vision
Wallke Ebike is always trying our best to service our customers!

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Summary of Wallke ebike X3Pro
Wallke X3Pro ebike has gained many customers' trust and support. This article summarized why the bike is so popular.

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Wallke eBike Charging Tips for Battery
How to keep the battery in a long service life. Charge it regularly and avoid extreme temperatures and empty battery.

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Wallke X3Pro ebike Unbox Video
From this video, you can check how well the packing is, and you will know how easy it is to install Wallke eBike.

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Electric bicycles can help you get the exercise benefits at any age and any fitness level (Video)
This video is made by our esteemed customer who deals with solar power. His review is very objective. It may be helpful to you.

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Wallke X3 Pro - Pt.1 -Unboxing, Assembly, and a First Ride
Here is another customer review from Youtube. The bike is the newest version.

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