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Summary of Wallke ebike X3Pro
05.06.2021 | Outdoor eBike | Wallke Brand
Wallke's dedication to eBikes and history of research and engineering continues to produce highest-quality, feature-rich electric bicycles.  The 2021 X3 Pro fat tire eBike delivers speed, comfort and range at a very competitive price.
Expand your horizons, exploring new places with unexpected ease.
[Advantage 1]
Lightweight Seamless Aluminum Frame
Sturdy 6061 aluminum alloy frame with seamless welds delivers a beautiful streamlined look, impervious to rust.
Unique folding design quickly puts this eBike in the trunk of the car or the corner of an apartment.
Integrated heavy-duty carrier can handle heavy loads, saddle bags, or what's needed for camping or distance riding.
[Advantage 2]
Four-Level Suspension
Hydraulic rear suspension is much more comfortable than non-suspended hard-tail bikes,  so you can travel farther with less fatigue.
Pneumatic front shock absorbers eat bumps and potholes and also feature lockouts for when you want to maximize range.
Four-inch fat tires smooth out road vibration and add extra cushion to your ride.
Extra-wide Wallke seat adds both surface area and foam padding to maximize riding comfort.
[Advantage 3]
Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Hydraulic brakes deliver increased braking with reduced effort, smoothly stopping even a loaded bike in less distance than conventional brakes.
Large 180mm disc rotors and over-sized brake pads have the stopping power you need for such a powerful bike.
Self-adjusting hydraulic brake calipers close from both sides, just like those on high-end sports cars.
[Advantage 4]
Dual Drive Systems
Shimano 8-speed derailleur system gives you optimal gearing to pedal your bike across the speed range.  The Wallke X3 Pro is surprisingly easy to ride without electric power when you want to go "old-school".
The 750W 48V brushless rear-drive motor has plenty of power to get you up hills, cruise at up to 28MPH / 45kmh (more if you help), or easily drive a loaded bike.
Samsung 48V 14AH Lithium-Ion battery has the capacity to carry you far.  Delivering a typical range of up to 60 miles (97 km)*, this bike takes you where you want to go.  * range varies with load, terrain, rider participation and other factors
[Advantage 5]
High Brightness Display
The large high-brightness color display shows critical information at a glance.  The best display in eBikes clearly shows speed, battery charge, mode, motor power and trip information even in the brightest sunlight.
Light sensor automatically dims the display in low light.
Bright LED headlight gives great visibility at low power consumption and low weight.
USB charging port keeps your phone topped off while it's in the bikes phone cradle.  Second USB port can simultaneously charge another device.
[Advantage 6]
Integrated heavy-duty carrier lets you take a load with you.  Whether groceries or camping gear, the X3 Pro is a workhorse that gets you and your gear wherever you need to go.
Heavy-duty kickstand keeps the bike ready on all terrain.
Integrated frame stand protects to front sprocket when the bike is folded.
The Miracle of eBikes
Electric bikes are opening cycling to those who never imagined being able to pedal as far or fast as the enthusiasts.  Now you can enjoy the sights and experiences of riding with a little help from the bike itself.
With three modes of operation, you can get the exercise benefits of riding and also keep up with riders that may be younger or fitter.  Or you can just let the bike do all the work.  Either way, new experiences are yours to enjoy.  Join the fun!